The small things.. One.

A few of the small things that have happened in the past week that have made me happy.


cardiff museum
  1. Spending the day at Cardiff museum with Evan last Saturday. He is absolutely fascinated by the natural history exhibition. His favourite part about the museum is the mammoth. 
  2. It's not often that I'm in cardiff at 9am, so a flat white in the lovely Artigiano was just what I needed. 
  3. Knitting.. who'd have thought it?! I'm really rubbish and I keep dropping stitches and I have somehow added an extra 30 stitches to each row, but it's sooo relaxing! 
  4. Taking time to sit at the kitchen table with a big mug of green tea and think. 
  5. Slowly ticking off our big list of things we need to buy for the baby. Dan bought our pram online this week and I'm so excited for it to arrive. 
  6. Our 20 week scan and finding out that our little one will be a boy! I was so sure that it was going to be a girl that I hadn't even thought of boys names.. so that's what's keeping me occupied at the moment. 
  7. Fully appreciating the beauty of the country that I live in and seeing old couples so happy together. I just know that will be me and Dan one day.